National Association of

Youth Organizations

A National Platform for Youth Civil Society Organizations

Who We Are

The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) is a National Platform for Youth Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working in Zimbabwe with its work spreadf rom the National, Regional and international levels. The Associations existence is premised on the notion that youth have an integral role to play in the development of the nation; that youth in Zimbabwe require an objective voice and platform throughout the spectrum of Zimbabwean societal concerns.

Our Program Clusters

Given the dynamism of youths, NAYO’s programs fall within Thematic Clusters

Development Effectiveness (DE)

Ensuring the informed

participation of youth in

development issues

Civic Participation Cluster

Youths for their increased

‘Informed’ Participation

with key interventions…

Social Cluster

Child Development and

Participation, Education

and Strengthening…

Mainstreaming Cluster

HIV and AIDS, Climate Change,

Gender and Peace-Building.

NAYO believes…

Current Programmes at NAYO

Leave No Youth Behind: The program is driven by the philosophy of youth primacy and agency, striving to ensure that all youths in Rural Areas, peri-urban, urban areas and farms have the opportunities to participate in National processes are enshrined in Section 20 of the National Constitution and the National Youth Policy.

Check our social media handles under the hashtag #LeaveNoYouthBehind for more information on running and current programmes of NAYO.

Campaigns at NAYO

The Association in working with Youth taps into the energy of Youth to lead cutting edge campaigns that seek to solve pressing development challenges.


The campaign focuses on empowering, facilitating and supporting Youth to push back against shrinking civic space at the local and national levels. It is centred on defending the freedoms of association, freedoms to assembly and freedoms to expression.


The Youth Eligibility for Public office campaign is a broad initiative being undertaken by NAYO to address the barriers that make it difficult for Youth to access Public office in Zimbabwe. The campaign is challenging inconsistencies within the Constitution,


The campaign is part of a Global Initiative to advance the realization of the right to water and is led by EndWaterPoverty. NAYO is the Country Focal Point for the campaign in Zimbabwe where it leads implementation of the campaign.

The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) is A National Platform for Youth Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

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