Who We Are

The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO Africa) is a Youth Umbrella Body for youth organizations working in Zimbabwe. NAYO‘s work spread from national, regional and international level; being the Global Youth Coordinator for CSOs Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), Regional Youth Coordinator for SADC-AAYC and at local level as National Youth Sector Chairperson with National Association of NGOs (NANGO). Who We Are What We Do Get In Touch
Transforming Youths, Transforming Zimbabwe.

Given the dynamism of youths, NAYO’s programs fall within Thematic Clusters

Development Effectiveness (DE)

Focuses on ensuring the informed participation of youth in development issues which include Development Effectiveness (DE), 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda...

Civic Participation (CP) Cluster

Focuses on Civic Activism, Peace Building, Enabling Environment, Volunteerism, Governance, Fostering Social Movements and Mobilization, Social Accountability ...

Social Cluster

The Social Cluster focuses on Child Development and Participation, Education and Strengthening Social Protection systems for children working with partners...

Mainstream Cluster

Focuses on cross-cutting themes that are mainstreamed in NAYO programs and these include: HIV and AIDS, Climate Change, Gender and Peace-Building...

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